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Shelf Life for Natural Skincare Products 天然護膚品的保質期

The ingredients as used in natural skincare products are predominantly from plant oils and water. When water is present, it runs the risk of molds and yeasts growing in the product. As such, preservatives are used in natural skincare products to prevent bacterial growth, contamination and to extend the shelf life of these products. For skincare products without preservatives, their shelf life will be shorter.

Besides preservatives, there are other tips to ensure adequate shelf life of your natural skincare products:

  • Keep your products in a cool and dry place

  • Keep your products away from direct sunlight and UV rays

  • Ensure that your products are airtight

  • Use opaque packaging or dark containers for your products and keep them away from the effect of harmful sunlight

  • Use a spatula or appropriate utensil to take out the amount of product which you need from the bottle or jar instead of using your fingers

  • Aware of the manufacturing date and check the life span of your products

  • Check the packaging symbol on how long the product should last once it is opened

Some general guidelines on the life span of natural products:

  • Moisturizers – 6 months to a year after opening

  • Eye creams – 3 to 6 months

  • Lip Balm – about 12 months

  • Body Lotions – use it up within 6 months

  • Soap and Bath Gels – typically one to two years



  • 將產品放在陰涼乾爽的地方

  • 產品要放在遠離陽光及紫外線直射的地方

  • 確保產品是不透氣的

  • 使用不透明的包裝或深色容器,遠離有害陽光的影響

  • 使用抹刀或適當的器具來提取所需產品而不是用手指

  • 了解產品的生產日期及保質期

  • 檢查產品的包裝標籤,確應產品打開後的使用期

關於天然產品使用期的指引 (開封後):

  • 保濕霜 - 6個月至一年

  • 眼霜 - 3 至 6 個月

  • 潤唇膏 - 約12 個月

  • 身體潤膚乳液 - 6 個月內

  • 肥皂或沐浴露 - 1 至 2 年


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