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What are Natural Products? 什麼是天然產品 ?

Why should we choose natural products in our skincare routines?

We must have asked ourselves these questions many times before and now let’s explore our understanding…

The definition of natural products, varies depends on the fields to which they are applied. Within the field of cosmetics, natural products refer to products that are produced from natural resources without artificial ingredients. Natural resources can further be categorized into “Renewable” and “Non-renewable” resources. “Renewable” resources are constantly available or can be reasonably replaced or recovered while “Non-renewable” resources are resources that cannot be replaced once destroyed. Examples of “Renewable” resources include water, plants, land, soil, forests…etc. These are resources that exist in nature. Examples of “Non-renewable” resources include fossil fuels, minerals…etc. Natural resources form the basis of life.

Did you know that most of what we put onto our skin enters our blood stream within 26 seconds? Additionally, it is estimated by the Environmental Working Group that the average woman’s daily personal care products contain over 160 chemicals. Since some of the chemicals that go into the skin care products are not regulated, it is still unclear on the risk and impacts these chemicals may bring to our bodies. So, shouldn’t we be concerned and be more selective on the ingredients as used on our skin care products?

That’s why use of natural ingredients in our skin care products is hitting the home tuff and gaining popularity globally over the years.

If you are interested in or are already to switch to the use of natural skin care products, stay with us and we will explore the different types of natural ingredients in our community here.






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