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Lifestyle that fits you

Lifestyle is a composite of different things and many things. It is how we live as an individual, as a family and within a society. Lifestyle is cultivated based on personal habits, behavior patterns, opinion and influence from others, culture, work, environment, religion, so on and so forth.

Setting aside all the unlawful, disruptive and bad lifestyles, there isn’t any benchmark comparison on whether one lifestyle is better than another. Who can say for sure that skiing is more exciting than horse riding or reading a book with a cup of coffee/tea is less interesting than doing shopping or attending a carnival?

For some people, they may enjoy a lifestyle which requires high energy level full of activities while others may enjoy a leisurely lifestyle with a slower pace. What is important and becoming the norm is to have a healthy lifestyle which you can embrace and adopt in your day to day living. This may mean getting more sleep, working out in a gym with friends, reducing stress by leaving home 10 min earlier to work so as to beat the traffic or just doing gardening. Leading a healthy lifestyle allows your health, enthusiasm for life soars.

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