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Do natural skincare products contain preservatives? Why? 天然護膚品有防腐劑嗎? 為什麼?

As most skincare products contain water in them, preservatives are substances found in these products including natural skincare products as these substances help to prevent bacterial growth, contamination and to extend the shelf life of these products.

The preservatives used in skincare products can be natural or synthetic. Which preservative to be chosen depends on the mix of ingredients and how it interacts with the formulation of each product. By comparison, synthetic preservatives have more options over natural preservatives and they work in smaller quantity. Natural preservatives are less cost effective as larger quantity in its formulation is required for them to become effective.

For skincare products without preservatives, they may last for about 5 days if put into a fridge. Hence, the usage of natural preservatives such as Dehyroacetic Acid, Glycerin, Benzyl Alcohol etc. are some of the common ingredients used in maintaining the lives of natural skincare products.






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