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A consideration in switching to natural skincare products - using facial oils 改用天然護膚品考慮因素 - 面部護理油

I have always been using moisturizer as part of my beauty routine for my face and body. Just like many others, oil strikes me as something greasy and less pores-friendly. However, oil is the most prominent ingredient in natural skincare as it is the most natural form from plants extraction without any additional substance such as water and emollients like Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, etc. Preservative is unnecessary for the purest form of oil (less prone to bacterial contamination than water-based products).

Your skin itself produces oil naturally to protect skin cells and maintain the moisture level - the oil you apply additionally help to balance this protection and moisturize. Oils also contain anti-oxidant, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties that add further benefits to the skin.

Does that mean we should say goodbye to moisturizers ? Well, it depends on how tolerable are you with the oily feeling. After trying out the facial oil for a period of time, my personal approach is to use the facial oil at night such that my skin can absorb the benefits over my beauty sleep. In the morning before work, I use a lesser dosage of oil in combination with moisturizer - the foundation and make-up sit better with the quick soak-in of the moisturizer for me.

What is the impact to the switch so far? It is apparent to me that my skin can absorb the oil overnight even though I felt a bit oily initially. The level of hydration is more consistent throughout the day than before.


你本身的皮膚會自然產生油脂,以保護皮膚細胞及保持水分含量 - 你使用的油有助於平衡這種保護和滋潤。油還含有抗氧化劑,脂肪酸和抗炎特性,為皮膚带來更多益處。

這是否意味箸我們應該告別保濕霜?嗯,這取決於你對膩感覺的耐受程度。在嘗試了面部油一段時間後,我個人方法是在晚上使用這油,這樣在我睡眠時我的皮膚可以完全吸收它的好處。而在早上上班前,我會使用較少量的油與保濕霜混合 - 這基底保濕令化妝更貼面。




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