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Meeting the founder - Vetivert & Co.

Aanu is an energetic individual. She has shown her passion and enthusiasm throughout the introduction of her company and products. Aanu has always wanted to invent her own things and received her dad's support since 16. Her first attempt on entrepreneurship was unsuccessful and she studied architecture seeking for a more secured profession. Unfortunately, she did not manage to find a job after graduation and she struggled with career uncertainty. Aanu finally got an offer as a nurse assistant in a hospital - this is where she explored her interest in the mind and body connection along with their role to human health. She went on and learnt facial reflexology massage and gave treatments to her clients initially with other natural skincare brands. As she saw her clients having different types of skin problems, she started her own recipes in addressing the specific skin issues and eventually, she set up a stall in the weekends to trial her products in the market and now a brand of her own today. Aanu sourced her ingredients from all over the world and she makes the products at a studio in London. Her products focus on calming the mind in addition to the improvement of skin conditions, hence, the scent is essential for the product formulation. Aanu has decided to use “Vetivert” as her brand to represent calmness of mind and skin.

Vetivert & Co. products are synthetic, artificial fragrance, paraben and cruelty free.

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