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Whisper Face Organic Oil - Vit. E +ViT. F +Tea Tree

A harmonious blend of 100% natural and 92% organic ingredients working to enhance your skin's well-being. Enriched with vitamins E and F, this unique serum offers a range of benefits, including reducing inflammation, retaining moisture, and repairing the skin barrier.

Vitamin F, a vital omega-6 fatty acid known as linoleic acid, plays a pivotal role in calming and restoring your skin's balance.

Experience the transformative effects of Whisper Organic Face Oil and embrace the nourishing essence of nature as this gentle oil balances your skin, leaving it with a healthy and luminous glow.


100% 天然和 92% 有機成分的和諧混合物,有助於增強皮膚健康。這款獨特的精華液富含維生素 E 和 F,具有一系列功效,包括減少炎症、保持水分和修復皮膚屏障。

維生素 F 是一種重要的 omega-6 脂肪酸,也稱為亞油酸,在鎮靜和恢復皮膚平衡方面發揮著關鍵作用。

體驗 Whisper 有機面部油的變革效果,擁抱大自然的滋養精華,因為這種溫和的油可以平衡您的肌膚,讓肌膚煥發出健康明亮的光澤。

Whisper Face Organic Oil - Vit. E +ViT. F +Tea Tree

    • Softens, smoothes, and soothes
    • Restores skin's epidermal defences
    • Calms inflamed and skin prone to redness
    • 軟化、平滑和舒緩
    • 恢復皮膚的表皮防禦能力
    • 鎮靜發炎和容易發紅的皮膚
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