Rose Renew Regenerating Face Wash 玫瑰潔面乳

A rose enriched cleansing and hydrating facial wash gel formulated to brighten and revitalise the skin leaving it softened and refreshed.



  • 早晚使用的潔面乳。塗抹於濕潤的雙手,按摩至面及頸部,之後用温水沖洗。
  • 能去除化妝品,有效地去油及清潔面上的污垢,令肌膚亮白,柔軟及清爽。

Rose Renew Regenerating Face Wash 玫瑰潔面乳

    • Gently removes make up, oil and debris.
    • Smooths, hydrates and revitalizes the skin.
    • Skin looks refreshed, healthy and radiant.

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