Vetivert Lumina Natural Face Balm

Nourishing face balm with organic Shea Butter and organic rosehip seed; infused with a blend of Rose Geranium and Ginger oils.



  • 作為保濕用,在早上或睡前塗搽在面上。
  • 作為清潔用,塗抹後,用濕布擦拭皮膚。
  • 含有天然保持肌膚水分的油脂。所含精油可以增加皮膚循環和彈性,調節皮脂分泌,同時軟化皮膚。

Lumina Natural Face Balm 光澤天然面霜

  • This balm contains oils that maintain skin hydration throughout the day.
    The included essential oils increase skin circulation and elasticity, regulate sebum production as well as soften the skin.