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Face Lotion Stick - Normal to Dry 面霜棒 - 中至乾性

Curated with botanical extracts, butters, and oils that provide soothing hydration. The premium oils we've used in this formula are rich in essential fatty acids and are optimal for broad spectrum skin health.  


Apply a few (an average of 5) swipes to your face, then massage in a circular motion for overall coverage.  Pro-Tip: use a few strokes to your neck and chest area as well. 


Typical usage 2-3+ months 




在臉上塗抹幾次(平均 5 次),然後以打圈方式按摩以覆蓋全面。建議在頸部和胸部區域進行幾次按摩。 


一般可使用2-3 個月以上 

Face Lotion Stick - Normal to Dry 面霜棒 - 中至乾性

  • Normal to Dry


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