Lavender & Vetivert Body Polish  薰衣草和岩蘭草身體磨砂霜

Exfoliating body polish made from a blend of mineral rich dead sea salts, Rosehip seed, Safflower, Lavender and Vertivert oils. Our body polishes slough away the rough and dead skin cells whilst the oils soften and replenish the skin, leaving a scent that promotes the tranquility of mind.



  • 每星期使用一至兩次,擦洗在濕潤的皮膚上然後沖洗。
  • 深層滋潤肌膚,高鎂含量可抵抗衰老及改善水腫,磨砂霜內含有的鉀有排毒作用。

Lavender & Vetivert Body Polish 薰衣草和岩蘭草身體磨砂霜

  • The unique blends of oil to deeply nourish skin. High magnesium content fight against aging and fluid retention as well as potassium for muscle detox.