Vetivert Organic Rosehip Oil

Cold-pressed 100% organic Rosehip fruit oil full of essential fats and anti-oxidants properties that are easily absorbed by the skin. The oil contains rich nutrients such as vitamin A, C and E.


  • 早晚使用,可與保濕霜一併或分開使用。
  • 可作多用途和保濕皮膚使用,含高水平抗氧劑。提供皮膚保護層因環境因素(如污染,灰塵,陽光)的影響。可刺激皮膚的膠原蛋白生長。

Organic Rosehip Oil (Cold Pressed) 冷壓有機玫瑰果油

  • For all round use and skin hydration. The oil contains a high level of anti-oxidants, vitamin E and Beta Carotenes which provide a protective layer for the skin from environmental factors  (e.g. pollution, dust, sun).

    It also contains naturally occuring vitamin C which stimulates collagen production in the skin.


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