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Night Serum Vitamin C + E + Pomegranate

Supercharge your skin with a healthy dose of vitamins C and E to achieve softer, smoother, and healthy glowing skin.

Dream Renew Face Serum, our Vitamin C serum for face, is a restorative blend of luxurious plant oils like pomegranate, sea buckthorn, and oat kernel combined with potent botanical actives: organic rosehip and carrot seed extracts. Enriched with a new generation of vitamin C with a higher affinity for skin and vitamin E to protect the skin against oxidative damage. The formula targets uneven-looking, tired, or mature skin.


使用維生素 C 和 E 為您的肌膚補充能量,讓肌膚變得更柔軟、更光滑、更健康、容光煥發。

Dream Renew 面部精華液是我們的面部維生素 C 精華液,是石榴、沙棘和燕麥仁等奢華植物油與強效植物活性物質(有機玫瑰果和胡蘿蔔籽提取物)的修復混合物。富含與皮膚親和力更高的新一代維生素C和維生素E,保護皮膚免受氧化損傷。該配方針對膚色不均、疲憊或成熟的肌膚。



Night Serum Vitamin C + E + Pomegranate

    • Helps improve the overall skin tone & texture
    • Promotes ultra-smooth and glowing skin
    • Recharges, firms, and strengthens the skin
    • 有助於改善整體膚色和質感
    • 促進皮膚超光滑、有光澤
    • 為肌膚充電、緊緻和強化肌膚。 
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