Vetivert Balance Natural Face Balm

Nourishing face balm made of organic Shea Butter and organic rosehip seed; infused with a blend of organic Rosehip seed, Lavender and Palmarosa oils.



  • 作為保濕用,在早上或睡前塗搽在面上。
  • 作為清潔用,塗抹後,用濕布擦拭皮膚。
  • 有修復,再生和軟化肌膚的油脂。所包含的精油提供抗菌保護,並減少瑕疵和疤痕的外觀。

Balance Natural Face Balm 平衡天然面霜

  • This balm contains oils that repair, regenerate and soften the skin. The included essential oils provide antibacterial protection as well as reducing the appearance of blemishes and scarring.