Vetivert Elemi & Vetivert Destress Natural Body Oil

This body oil contains ingredients rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E, both of which soften and protect the skin from negative environmental damage. The extracts of Calendula contains natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


We also use Organic Argan oil for its repairing properties.



  • 有需要時使用,搽按於身體皮膚上。
  • 修復和強化肌膚,舒緩肌肉緊張,有助怡神令心靈平静及放鬆。

Elemi & Vetivert "Destress" Body Oil 欖香和岩蘭草減壓按摩油

  • This oil repairs and strenghtens the skin, relieves muscle tension and the blend of essential oils promote relaxation through calmness of mind