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Our Story and Philosophy

It all started during the summer of 2018. I decided to take a career break and ventured to the United Kingdom.  There, I shared a house with many health-conscious individuals. Their minimalist lifestyle opened up my eyes and made me realized that the products choices I use, have an impact on my daily health.  This epiphany planted the seed that formed MiNaturally.

Now as a team of four, our goal is to promote the use of natural products to offset all the artificial stresses of living in a modern urban environment. We aim to promote a community of like-minded people in sharing knowledge about natural products, resources and introduce skin & body care selections that are environmentally and organically conscious.

"Natural products are the roots to our artificial-free lifestyle today."


We would like MiNATURALLY to become a natural minimalist community, get in touch with us and share your thoughts!

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